From the Archives

Lima Kokua was founded in July, 1962 as the Like Later Club by a group of friends who wanted to make the World a better place for disadvantaged children and families. As time went on, the club grew, members moved to the mainland, and the club created an “honorary membership” for former members who had moved off-island and wished to remain in touch with the activities of the members.

If you’re interested in the history of Lima Kokua, take a moment to read this newsletter from 1966 to the honorary members of Lima Kokua. It’s a fun, ever-so-slightly campy, and interesting read from a bygone era in Hawaii, written by a founding member of the Like Later Club, Ken Keen. Keen was vice-president of the club in 1966, and he remained active in the club until his passing in the early 2000s.

Check back from time-to-time as we post other items from the vault that we feel provide context for the work our members do today.

Newsletter, October 17, 1966